Junior Clinic having fun in Ping An Bank Open


The Ping An Bank China Tour–PGA TOUR China started in this week. In order to share the fun of playing golf with more children, time of holding the junior clinic was changed into the morning of Saturday. 

The junior clinic of Ping An Bank China Tour is extremely hot, more than 100 adolescents applied for it after starting the registration. In order to create an unforgettable experience of playing golf for the children, the organizing committee divided them into 2 groups according to ages. Children under 7 years old constitutes the enlightenment group, and the rest constitutes the enrichment group. Vice president of Ping An Bank Beijing branch Zhenyu Lu held the opening ceremony and made a speech for this junior clinic.

The senior coach gave a vivid presentation about the origin and basic etiquette of golf to the children of enlightenment class.

And then, golf coaches from DRIVE Steve and Bruce prepares a series of games for the children of enlightenment class. Children can get a formative knowledge of golf.

The children of the enrichment classes followed the professional players to the practice court and practice swinging with the guide of those professional players. The organizing committee invited Peihao YANG, Jiabin GUO, Haochuan WU, Sam CHIEN, Kevin MARQUES to do some site instruction for those children.

The oldest child is 12 years old, but he is 175 cm in height. All of his family members are fans of golf.

Finally, Ping An Bank China Tour junior clinic wrapped up successfully. The children not only learned the knowledge of golf, but also cultivated the interest of playing golf by contacting with professional players closely.

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