Eugene Wong Takes Two Minutes


Eugene Wong is in his first year on the Ping An Bank China Tour – PGA TOUR China Series. Although he grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he feels right at home in Southeast Asia, with his father a native of Hong Kong. He also felt at home going to the University of Oregon, located in a city that shares his same name.

My dad gave me the name Eugene. His name is Felix. Our family name is Wong, the very simple four-stroke character, the most common surname in China. 

I played college golf at the University of Oregon. I went to every home football game that I possibly could when I wasn’t traveling with the golf team. I always showed up at Autzen Stadium in the school colors, but I never did anything like painting myself green and yellow.

 I was recruited to the University of Washington and a lot of schools out East. But I wanted to stay on the West Coast, and Head Coach Casey Martin recruited me. He played the PGA TOUR and Tour for many years. I thought I could learn a lot of inside-the-ropes stuff from him and get myself to the next level. 

My all-time favorite University of Oregon athlete not named Eugene Wong is probably Marcus Mariota because he won the Heisman Trophy. 

Dickie Jo’s is the best place to get a burger in Eugene. Hand’s down. 

My favorite class at Oregon was military science, which was an elective. In that class, we disassembled military weapons. We would take, say, an assault rifle, take it apart to see how it worked. At first it was a struggle. But now, I could do it. But I’m only good with American weapons. 

I learned American Sign Language when I was in college. I took that for two years. I was pretty good at it, but I haven’t done it for a while so I’m kind of losing my ASL, and I have to say I’m a little rusty. I just wanted to learn another language, and that is what I was interested in. So I enrolled.   

When it comes to what I speak verbally, I mainly use English, but I speak some Cantonese. My Mandarin is not very good. I won’t say I’m fluent in Cantonese, but I can get by with it.

 As for movies, my favorite is “Gladiator.” On TV, I liked “Breaking Bad” when it was on and “Family Guy” now. Actually, I like most comedies that guys my age like. 

The last concert I attended was an electronic music concert by Zedd. My favorite band of all time is Cascade. The first website I visit when I wake up is Obviously, I like to listen to music. 

If I could only have one more dinner, it would definitely be a seafood meal. I’d have some abalone, lobster, crab and sea cucumber. I can put food away pretty well. Then I’d probably top it off with New York-style cheesecake, and I’m drinking a Coke. 

I’ve made one hole-in-one. I also had a hole-in-three in college and that was actually better than the real hole-in-one. It was a practice round in Hawaii at Waikoloa Golf Course’s Kings’ Course for a University of Hawaii at Hilo tournament. The wind was blowing 40 mph. I hit my first shot into the water then I dropped and hit my third shot 50 feet right of the pin to an island green. I hit it way right, the wind brought it back and plop, in the hole. It was the best par I’ve ever had.

(Written by Laury Livsey, Photo by Zhuang Liu)

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