Back to the OCT Wind Valley! 2018 China Tour International Qualifying Event 1 Will Tee Off Tomorrow


(Kunming, January 15, 2018) The 2017 China Tour season was just over. 2018 China Tour Qualifying events are next to come. As the player enrollment starting, China Tour has been receiving the registration of players all over the world. Currently, the second international qualifying event and domestic qualifying event are filled to capacity. After the tournament preparation, the China Tour qualifying events for 2018 season will play at OCT Kunming Wind Valley Club in the next three consecutive weeks. The first international qualifying tournament will start to play on tomorrow. 88 players, from 18 countries, will compete for the qualification for 2018 China Tour at the OCT Kunming Wind Valley. 

This week, the top 18 finishers from the China Tour 2018 International Qualifying Tournament will be qualified for 2018 China Tour regular season. Besides, players rank from 19th to 39th places will be qualified in alternating order.

According to the registration, there are 21 players come from Chinese Taipei, which is the largest area where players come from. Following by 18 players come from Korea and 12 American players. Compare to previous years, the enthusiasm of the Japanese players is increasing, which reflected in 8 Japanese players play in the first international qualifying event. Most of new players are referred by other players who played our tournaments in former years. An Australian player, Leigh Pritchard, indicated that his friend introduced the China Tour to him and he decided to try it in this year. Moreover, players from Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Andorra, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries are all strive to play in the stage of China tour.

There are lots of former China Tour players compete in this event. American player Sam Chien was the winner of 2014 Buick Open. In this tournament, Sam won by 3 strokes over Chinese amateur player Zecheng Dou, and that was his first win in the China Tour. With this championship, he ascended to the top 5 in 2014 money list. Chinese Taipei player Wei-Tze Yeh has won many Asian Tour and Japan Tour events, and he played in the China Tour since 2014 season. His best tournament ranking was the runner-up in 2014 Chateau Junding-Penglai Open. Besides, Kevin Esteve, Thomas Bosco, HongSheng Tseng, Lusen Lien, Tao Huang, are all competitive. The past experiences will help those players to play better in qualifying events.

China Tour is an independent international tournament series, based on the Chinese national comprehensive economic strength, representing the highest level of the development of Chinese professional golf. Starting from 2018, China Tour rejoined the Official World Golf Ranking and operate independently. China Tour adheres to the idea of “merging the world civilization and spreading the Chinese confidence”. China Tour will cooperate with other international golf tournament organizations, such as the European tour and the Asian tour, to build a bridge of “importation and exportation” and “The Belt & Road” for our players. In this case, the players who on the top of our money list in the end of season will have an opportunity to play in the European tour and the Asian tour.

January is always accompanied by low temperatures and strong gust. The first China Tour International Qualifying event will compete in the mountain course at the OCT Kunming Wing Valley. The mountain course will challenge players by its hilly terrain. Lots of tee shots and approaching shots have to over the jungles and cliffs. Small greens and bunkers will be barriers for players to get good scores. Two long Par 5s are extremely hard to play. After the practice round, players said the course is in excellent condition. Players believe the key to win at this course is fighting against wind. Let’s looking forward to the winner of this tournament and hope all players play their best.



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